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The process can seem very intimidating and it probably is for those who haven’t done it before or have little experience.  Our team has a combined 50 plus years experience and thousands of happy and satisfied Homeowners across NC, SC and VA.  


The first step is to make contact with a member

of our Team.  This can be done on thru our

website, an email, a phone call or you can

visit our Model Home Center in person and tour

our models. If you are not paying cash, it is

always best to get pre-qualified for a mortgage

so you know exactly what you are working

with concerning how much home you can buy. 

Once you have a budget, some key items of

interest are manufactured/modular, what size

home are you looking for, how many

bedrooms/bathrooms, etc.  Once you have

a place to start it is a matter of settling on a

floor plan, choosing colors and options that

will establish a final price and once agree

upon we can talk about where to put it.  We

can help with land or if you have your own

we can work with that too.  We can offer a complete turn key service in which we handle all the improvements to the property if needed such as septic, well, driveways, grading, clearing, etc.  


There is a lot to building a home, but we have done it so many times for so long we can walk you right through it and help to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable not bumpy and stressful.

Typically, there will be a 12 to 14 week time between ordering your home and receiving it from the factory.  During this time we will prepare the site for delivery and install any footings or foundations required and any land improvements that can be done prior to delivery.  The goal is to set your home within a couple of days of it arriving on site.  Once the home is set we will schedule all the finish work required to complete your project.  As a general rule most projects will be complete in 45 to 60 days and ready for closing depending on the complexity of your particular project, contractors, schedule and weather it may take a little longer or we may finish a little sooner.  In any event, when we order your home and actually know what all is involved, we will be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate of completion times and move in dates.

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