Mortgage financing can be a daunting task, and honestly, is a factor that keeps some people from actually pursuing their dream of purchasing a new home.  It can be frustrating trying to navigate through the application process and just trying to find a lender that can and will take the time to answer your questions and guide you through the process.  Although it seems complicated, it really isn't.  The trick is to find a local lender who can take a short application, determine the best program for your situation and then guide you step by step through the process.  There are 100s of lenders to choose from, however, one of the quickest and easiest companies to secure a mortgage with is  HomeTown Lenders.  If you are interested in purchasing a Modular or Manufactured Home you can click the "True Approval" icon below and you will be taken directly to their pre qulaification form.  It only takes about 5 minutes to complete and once you click submit, your information will go directly to their local office in Kinston, NC.  From there you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm the information submitted and within a day or so you will have your pre qualification letter and be well on your way to your "True Approval" and the purchase of your new home.  We will work with you to facilitate the process with HomeTown Lenders to ensure the quickest and most efficient path to the best mortgage available for your particular situation.  Click the True Approval icon below or call us at 252-686-8881 to get started today, it is easier than you think.  

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